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Welcome to Imbodi Health! We’re on a mission to help 1 million people improve their relationship with food and body.

Inspired by lived experiences with eating disorders and professional work as eating disorder dietitians, Imbodi Health was started to help improve access to the 75% of people who don’t currently receive treatment.

We believe that everyone should have access to help for eating and body image issues.

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Want to start your journey towards food freedom and body confidence

Join the 2023 waitlist for Imbodi Health’s Nourishing Mind and Body Program, a 12 week food, mind and body program designed to help you break free from yo-yo dieting, unrealistic food rules and learn how to nourish your body (without the obsession).


Things we

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    you're the leader
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    giving you the confidence
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    breaking the mould of
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    providing a safe space
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Which path to food freedom will you take?


jade wrigley

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I’m Kiah, I’m an online eating disorder dietitian and founder of Imbodi Health, an online clinic dedicated to Eating and Body Image concerns. L...

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Over 1 million Australians are living with an eating disorder. Less than a quarter of those recieve treatment for it




75% of people with an eating disorder don’t seek professional help

80% of young teenage girls report a fear of becoming ‘fat’

50% of Australian women are dissatisfied with their body

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The Imbodi Method

At Imbodi, our team of expert dietitians will guide you on your journey to heal your relationship with food and your body. We understand that dealing with eating disorders and body image issues can be overwhelming, but with our holistic approach, it doesn’t have to be.

The Imbodi Health method, merges science-based nutrition with a comprehensive, holistic approach to achieve long-lasting, transformative results. Our approach is founded on five key pillars: community support, mindset, food freedom, joyful movement, and body acceptance.


At Imbodi, we believe that healing your relationship with food and your body is made easier when you have a community to share the journey with. We understand that navigating through eating disorders and body image issues can be incredibly isolating, which is why we offer a platform for connection and support for those who are struggling alone.


Transforming your relationship with yourself begins with gaining insight into your core beliefs, questioning thought patterns, and enhancing your inner wisdom, the 'wise' mind that can balance your emotions and logic

Food Freedom

Empowering you to eat and enjoy food without obsession or feeling like losing control. Feel confident and calm about eating in social situations, and deconstruct rigid food rules that get in the way of spontaneity and intuitive eating.

Joyful Movement

Discover a form of movement that brings you joy, makes you feel good and isn't centered around weight loss or calorie burning. You don't have to exhaust yourself with long hours on the treadmill or weight lifting in the gym (unless that's what you truly enjoy) - there are so many other options to explore!

Body Acceptance

Reject unrealistic beauty standards and shift your perspective from shame or self-judgment towards a place where we respect our body, and simply spend less time thinking about our body at all! Have more time and energy to spend on the things in life that you value.

1:1 or group program

find an approach that fits with your lifestyle

Discovery Call

Ready to get started on your journey towards food freedom and body acceptance? An discovery call with an Imbodi Health eating disorder dietitian is your opportunity to get to know us and share your struggles, goals and concerns. During the call, we will discuss the best approach for working together, whether it be through our group program or individual coaching sessions and determine whether you would be a good fit to use the Imbodi Health Nourishing Mind and Body signature program alongside your work together.

Nutrition Strategy Appointment

Start your journey with a 60 minute in-depth nutrition strategy and assessment session where you develop the framework for your work with the dietitian. You will work with your dietitian collaboratively to set realistic and achievable long and short term goals. Your dietitian will provide you with a personalised nutrition plan including education, resources and tools to get you started on your journey.

Coaching Sessions

Get started with 1:1 or group coaching sessions and begin your journey towards a healthier relationship with food and your body. Our sessions are tailored to your specific needs and will educate you on regular eating, nutrition fundamentals, developing hunger and fullness cues, identifying and challenging food fears and explore body image. Complement your 1:1 sessions or group work with a comprehensive 12-module online program covering topics like intuitive eating, hunger and fullness levels, body image, diet culture, and gentle nutrition.